Monday, September 4, 2017

Simple Alterations

 Have you ever purchased a garment that seemed to fit you perfectly, yet the moment you wore it, realized that that lovely slit left absolutely nothing to the imagination with every step you took? 
Mhmm... I'm pretty sure we all have. 

I recently discovered this lovely online clothing site called Shein (formerly known as She Inside), and fell in LOVE with the vast selection of dresses to choose from. I placed a small order, for quality and service control, and was so impressed, I placed another order. And then another... Ha! Ha! I recently lost enough weight to warrant needing new pieces, so it wasn't entirely wasteful or overindulgent ;)

Frankly, I needed to redo my complete wardrobe. I'm now in between my highest and lowest weight, and literally had nothing to wear that fit comfortably, or didn't have nursing clips or flaps, maternity panels, or had been stretched by my expanded preggo belly. So, I did what any fashion loving Mama would do, and splurged on all the pieces I knew would flatter my mature (meaning: not entirely back in shape shape yet...). And what pleased my eye were all the wrap dresses, which naturally and comfortably enhance my hourglass shape. 

One such particular dress was this wrap maxi that I could not wait to try. It fit me perfectly, the fabric is lightweight, and long enough that even if it did shrink a bit in the wash (it didn't), I knew I wouldn't lose too much length. That thigh high slit though? Whoah Baby!!! Let's just say I wouldn't dare go commando with this one! LOL!! 

However, all was not lost. I happened to have some handy little metal snap fasteners on hand, and they were exactly what the doctor, erm, seamstress ordered! Nothing too fancy here Dolls, all you need is your fasteners, a sewing needle, sewing thread in a coordinating colour, and scissors to trim your thread nicely. This is basic hand sewing 101. I'm hoping you know how to sew on a button, because it's as easy as that. All I had to do was determine exactly where I wanted both halves to sit, mark the spots with a pin, and Voila! No more fears of flashing my bits to the world at large! 

I purchased these from Fabricland a few years ago, but you can also find them at Walmart, or any fabric or sewing store. They're not expensive at all, and come in a variety of sizes and finishes. 

The trick to sewing these in, is to make sure you're applying them in the proper position. You'll notice the 'female' and 'make' nobs, and if you don't put them in proper, well, your snap just won't snap.

I used a small safety pin to mark the spot, since it was already sitting on my table. 

"Male" snap part.

"Female" snap part. 

Tada!!! Now I can wear the snap when I now I don't want to show too much leg.

 I can even do a little lavender harvesting on our front porch, without fear of flashing our neighbours! ;)

TTFN Darlings! 

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