Sunday, September 17, 2017

Fire Cider

Alright Darlings, school started the first week of September, and would you believe it, five days in, and the Kindergartener brought sickness home. 
Five. Days! That's just bananas!!! 

Of course, it was only a matter of days before it started trickling down to the rest of the family, and Little Man was soon affected, then me. And spending whole nights awake because you feel like your sinuses are trying to drown you in snort is NO BUENO! So I put a call for help on my facebook for any and all tried and true natural cold busting remedies, and my friend Jennifer shared her AWESOME recipe for Fire Cider, so I had to give it a try. 
The exact recipe is in the link, but I used what I had on hand. I also tweaked it a bit to suit my tastebuds a little better. The only thing I had to get were the jalapeño peppers.

I used:
one mandarin
one lemon
one jalapeño
one large garlic clove
one large chunk of fresh ginger
a large sprig of fresh rosemary from our garden
one bottle of apple cider vinegar (I've already ordered more from Amazon, as the recipe indicates that the ingredients will swell in the ACV)

I'll be adding some local unpasteurized honey once the ingredients have finished "steeping", which should be about 4 weeks. 

If nothing else, I am digging these pretty colours, I love that everything is edible, and as a matter of fact, the recipe suggests keeping these afterwards, and to use them in other dishes.

A little tip when handling jalapeño peppers, try not to get any of the juice on your hands, if you do, quickly use olive oil to wipe it off, then wash with soap and water, as this ish is HAWT!!!
And if you happen to inadvertently rub your eyes or go to the bathroom afterward, it will NOT be pleasant! 

Once all of the ingredients have been sliced and added to your container, cover them with the ACV. This container should have a tight lid to prevent spillage, and allow you to give it a little shake every so often.
Let it sit for a good 4 weeks, then strain the solids out of the ACV.
Store into small bottles, and use as needed, whenever you start feeling symptoms of illness. It apparently is also very good to aid in digestion issues. 

I sure hope it works! 

Do you have any old remedies you swear by for preventing colds? Share them in the comments!

TTFN Dolls!


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