Monday, April 20, 2015

Greenhouse Exploration: Country Basket

I keep meaning to post more often, but, well, life. 

Our days have been increasingly busy lately, with hubby attending a seminar in Vancouver last week, Didi getting ready to enter the Troublesome Threes (trust me, they're a thing!), and Mimi just enjoying the general business of a 13 year old. 

I can't believe we're already prepping for her 8th year Grad, which is just a few months away. And then July will bring the Big Arrival of little man Ryker, along which a mixture of excitement and a little trepidation. It still boggles my mind that we'll soon be a family of 5!

My wonderful Mom decided to pay us a visit, and extend her stay while Darling was away, so I wouldn't feel so alone, just me and the girls for five days. It's always nice to have Mom over. She loves to take me to all those places we don't usually have the opportunity to visit, due to our lack of vehicle. One such place is Country Basket, a local greenhouse which never disappoints when it comes to a healthy stock of plants in great variety. I love getting our annual herbs from them, and usually will find a few houseplants that suit our lifestyle. Namely, the hearty type that don't mind a little neglect... because unlike my husband, I was not blessed with the greenest of thumbs. 

The first Spring visit to any greenhouse always feels like such a treat to me. The beautiful heat wave that hits you the moment you walk through the doors, then all the greenery, and the mixture of intoxicating scents. It feels positively tropical after being cooped up inside for a whole harsh Canadian Winter. We always wind up suffering from a little cabin fever, and this year's record breaking cold certainly helped deepen those feelings. 

It's funny to think that just a few weeks ago, we had to layer in thermal underoos, multiple shirts, scarves, hats, gloves, heavy winter coats, and clunky utilitarian (see: terribly unflattering) boots before heading out. And now, that's all traded in with just a few light layers, a straw hat, sunnies and a smile :)

Mom and Didi found a few new additions to the greenhouse: About a dozen peepers have decided to make the indoor pond their home. Didi was quite impressed, and loved peeking in on the little critters from the pond's edge, which looked like they were basking in the indoor heat. 

Look at the excitement on her little face!
It was all fun and games, until the gentleman who was helping us decided to catch one, and show it to her up close and personal. That... Well, that didn't go over so well. ;)

She would have absolutely nothing to do with that slimy creature, and had to climb up to mommy's arms.

Mommy's arms make everything better!

We finally left those frogs behind, and started exploring the rows upon rows of beautiful plants. And this little bunny had a blast smelling all the flowers and helping Mommy pick a few new ones for our herb garden.

I was so in love with the wide variety of "Monkey Faces", formally known as Pansies ;) I love all of the vibrant colours they come in, and their sweet perfume is intoxicating!

I've had an affinity for Bleeding Hearts since childhood, when one of my aunts had a large bush, and used to let me take a branch every so often as a gift for my Mom. I was always fascinated by the perfect little heart shape each pendulous flower formed. 


A chalkboard sign right at the entrance, with a quote too perfect to pass up a little photo op. 


Thought this might also be a good time to do a little bumpdate as well.

We are now at 28 weeks (I still can't get over how fast it's all happening!), I've been free of the dreaded 24/7 sickness since week 19, but it seems to be trying to make a comeback. Methinks it might have something to do with the fact that Baby Boy is starting to grow, and taking up a lot more abdominal real estate. The only thing that helps is to keep a nice light snack on the bedside table every night, that I can eat first thing in the morning before my feet even hit the floor. Nothing too crazy, just a banana and some pure coconut water - that I now need to put two of each on the tray, since a certain little someone started thinking that Momma was putting it all out there just for her.
Sour candy seems to help as well, also to Didi's pleasure, since she gets to have an occasional taste of my treats here and there.
My cravings: vegetable matter, especially raw, but also cheese. I could put cheese on everything! And eggs. Poached, fried, hard or soft boiled, scrambled... Just give me all the eggs!

I haven't gained too much weight still, likely due to how sick I was in the beginning, but I am now definitely in maternity wear. I've been pretty lucky so far, in that a lot of my summer dresses will accommodate my growing bump, but I did splurge on a few maternity pieces, just so as not to stretch some of my favourites too far.
The belly button is just about at full on outie stage, and is bugging me like the dickens. However, I've found this awesome little product that has helped me deal with the discomfort of it rubbing on my clothes: Pretty little Bump Bows, perfectly sized colourful stick-on bows that give you just the right coverage and protection. I got a set each in Blissfully Blue, and Gleefully Green.

Darling likes that he can see them through lighter fabrics, he thinks they're cute! 

Well, that's it for now. I've been working on a few new recipes to share with you. I'm hoping I'll get to those very soon. Toddler permitting;)

TTFN Dolls!


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