Saturday, January 10, 2015

Fancy Rice Crispie Treats

What do you do when you're stuck with a mondo huge bag of big fat pink marshmallows, and you know they'll go stale before anyone eats them? Why, buy a family sized box of Rice Crispies and get melting, that's what!

Mimi roped me into buying one of those bags of campfire marshmallows, those big honking massive ones. They were so big, I thought breaking them down into smaller pieces would help the melting process.
As with most of my recipes, there's a lot of slapping and throwing, so my measurements are more of an approximation. I started by throwing a big blob of butter in my biggest pot; about 1/3 of a cup, and slowly let it liquify. While that was melting, I was breaking apart the mondomallows into smaller pieces, which I dropped into the hot butter.
Let everything melt nice and slow, stirring constantly, until all lumps are gone.
Pour in your cereal of choice (My absolute favourite is SpecialK, but we went with Rice Crispies here. I've also used different Muesli mixes). I stir them in in small quantities, until the sticky mess is saturated in cereal, but you still see sweet strings of marshmallow in between. I like my treats gooey as opposed to dry. Drop the whole mess in a buttered baking pan, metal, glass, doesn't matter!

My trick to to pack it all down nice and dense without crushing the crispies is to smooth it down with a wet spoon, and I just re-wet it whenever it starts getting sticky again.

Toddler approved 😉

Bonus, they had a bit of a strawberry taste to them. Nice, light, sweet, ooey gooey treats that everyone loved! 

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