Thursday, January 2, 2014

La Tzigane has been busy

My sweet Mama came for a visit at the end of October, and I'm such a bad blogger, I haven't gotten to sharing it until now.
It was such a nice visit, we really got to spend some quality time together, just hanging out with our girls, and she even taught me how to knit in the round.

And I've been a we bit busy since then ;) What can I say, I can't have idle hands. Not that I have much time on my hands what with a tween and a toddler, but I have been afflicted with a slight case of insomnia, and since I can't busy myself with housekeeping while everyone else is sleeping, might as well be crafty, right?

 The latest project, fresh off my needles this morning.

Need a cowl? I've got you covered!
I sure hope you all had marvelous holidays Darlings, and that 2014 will be all that you wish for. We stayed home and hibernated for a whole week, which was just what the doctor ordered!

Next up, I do believe I'll be working on that New Year's Resolutions list. My greatest wish this year? To find Balance. With my Home, Family, Business, and My Self. 




  1. Good to see you back blogging! You've been super productive with your yarn... any new beady beauties??

  2. Thank you Becs :) It's a start. I really have missed expressing myself fully with my writing. Hopefully I can keep it interesting ;)